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10 channel audio PRE AMPLIFIER




Versatile, high performance Pre-amplifier with call and BGM (background music). 
It fulfills a wide variety of public address requirements at a surprisingly low cost.
The JB-D3 pre-amplifier is engineered for high performance with wide frequency 
response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation.

Rack mount 19” 2U 10 channel mixer pre-amplifier with audio source
10 Inputs & 3 Outputs pre-amplifier for Public Address System
AUX in/out to connect with power amplifier and audio source player
Each channel with independent volume adjustment
Support Bluetooth, USB/Mp3 and FM
10 Audio Inputs (5 Microphone, 4 Line/AUX, 1 Emergency)
3 Audio Onputs (1 XLR balanced, 2 RCA unbalanced)
Microphone with Phantom DC48V power supply
Microphone input with priority function
EMC has the highest priority function


voice alarm system


awWILLS Alarm Panel.png


* Alarm and alert signals

* Compatible with 0 V (short circuit) or 24 V DC fire alarm 
   control panels

*  Live microphone override of message and tone

* Digitally recorded automatic evacuation message

The FR-EV Series of products from awWILLS is a collection of high-performance audio notification systems that provide voice evacuation capability which meets the emergency voice alarm requirements of various fire alarm applications. FR-EV3 includes a paging microphone, tone generator and user-friendly supervisory interface panel. 

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