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  • JB-60/ JB-120
    60/120W Mixing amplifier with Bluetooth, USB, AUX
  • FR-120
    120 watts PA amplifier with USB, Bluetooth, AUX, EMC, MIC inputs Phantom power 48V Operates with 220VAC and 24VDC
  • JB-240D
    240W Mixing amplifier with Bluetooth, USB, Aux
  • JB-150/ JB-300
    150W/300W Mixing amplifier with USB, Bluetooth, AUX
  • JB-250/ JB-350/ JB-550
    5 Zone Mixing amplifier
  • JB-1000/ JB-1500/ JB-2000
    Power amplifier
  • JB-D3
    Pre amplifier 10 inputs
  • FR-EV3
    Voice Alarm System Interface with Fire Alarm Control Panels With Fireman Handy MIC
  • CS66
    Ceiling speaker 6W/3W 100V
  • CS2051-CS3061-CS4081
    Ceiling speaker 20W/10W/5W 100V
  • BS6130/ BS6140
    Box speaker 30W/15W/7.5W 100V
  • BSW6140B
    Weatherproof Speaker 40W/20W/10W at 100V
  • WS6110
    On wall speaker 10 Watts/ 6 Watts at 100V
  • PS510
    Pendant speaker 10W 100V
  • PS413
    Pendant speaker
  • GS30
    Garden speaker 30W 100V
  • HS50
    Horn speaker 50W/25W 100V Outdoor
  • VOIDE-3
    Subwoofer 300 Watts
  • aw-100D
    100V line to Aux converter
  • V6-V30-V60
    Volume control 6W/30W/60W/120W
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